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Xtreme Lashes Certification Process

Would you trust your hair to an unlicensed hairstylist who just learned to cut hair from a video without any formal hands on training? We didnt think so. Applying eyelash extensions requires masterful skill, dedication, patience and talent, which can only be developed through extensive hands-on eyelash extension training and practice. Our education and eyelash extension certification process is the strictest and most comprehensive in the industry.


Should I or Shouldnt I?

If you think false eyelashes are glamorous, wait until you see Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. Just as their name implies, they're a lot like hair extensions but for the eyes, no. At first, the concept seems a little goofy, and that mascara is doing a perfectly good job of making you look doe-eyed and lovely. But WAIT until you try out a set for Xtreme Lashes...Once you have them done and they no longer there you will feel naked without them..